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"Dedicated to finding justice for our clients in any situation." - Alexandria J. Taylor



reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety,etc., of a person or thing; confidence.


Taylor Law Firm is a full service criminal defense firm dedicated to serving the needs of those that find themselves in the snarl of our criminal justice system. The foundation of this Firm is built on trust. Trusting that your needs and interests will be zealously represented against the overwhelming and sometimes overpowering force of the Government. When you, or a loved one, find yourself in the precarious position of facing a potential criminal conviction, whom you trust is everything. #TrustTaylor 







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What our clients say...

Alexandria is a top-flight attorney, and I cannot recommend anyone more highly. She is ultra-competitive and sharply focused, and will advocate solidly on your behalf while maintaining the right balance of class and decorum.


I went through the courts, two years ago, after paying child support for 13 years on a child that wasn’t mine. Fifty percent of everything I owned was being garnished. I filed motions on my own, to no avail. If it wasn’t for Alexandria, I would be in the same predicament. Alex’s qualities as an attorney are particularly enhanced by the fact that she is simply an outstanding human being. This ethereal and irreplaceable “heart and soul” is important, because your family law attorney sees you, and most everything about you, at one of life’s lows. 


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